Past Event: Collab#1

Now&Them was launched with Collab#1, an exhibition that encourages collaboration across multiple disciplines. Furniture Designer x Chocolate Factory, Graffiti Artist x Skull Collector, Screen Printer x Beijing Opera Singer…the list goes on and the possibilities were endless.

Held at The Gallery in December 2014, each exhibitor was asked to think outside the box and work together with a partner that will both challenge and match their creative vision. Collab#1 showcased the work created through the collaboration of 60 people from 19 countries and 20 different occupations.

The launch event attracted over 400 people at the launch event and through this initiative, we raised over 100,000 RMB to Stepping Stones, a local charity supporting disadvantaged children in Shanghai. The event and ensuing exhibition received many accolades and was successful in connecting people across industries and lifestyles.

The works created for this exhibition were both surprising and innovative, received international recognition, and was featured in numerous media channels including Daily Mail and the Telegraph. The launch night itself resounded with appreciation and generosity, encouraging us to create this next experience.

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