In 2016, we will promote the experimentation of these principles within the well-known framework of storytelling. Storytelling brings imagination and collaboration alive and then clearly communicates the outcome to a community.

As curators of the project, Paper Stone Scissors selected 20 individuals from different walks of life to write a short snippet or paragraph to create a story. Our brief for the writers was to continue on from the chapter before them and write the next part of the story, expressing their own individual style, while keeping the overall plot in mind. Read the full story here.

Each one was then be passed onto 20 hand-picked visualisers (artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, etc.) who will create their own interpretation of each chapter through a medium of their choice.

Their collaborative work will be displayed both within an exhibition space in Shanghai from 18-22 January and published in a coffee table book.


Atia Cader
(Creative Director & Founding Partner, Paper Stone Scissors)


Atia is a principal of Paper Stone Scissors, and her interest and passion is for facilitating communication across borders. Articulating ideas, visualising concepts and appreciating the people surrounding her, colours her days and balances her life. Atia has been a guest speaker, awards judge and design mentor for a variety of design associations and educational institutes and is currently on the Advisory Board at Tractor Design and Digital School. Her guilty pleasure is a little sweetness and she couldn’t live without chilli on the side.

Jez Smith

Jez Smith

Photographer Jez Smith is one of the industry’s most sought after professionals, highly regarded for his fashion editorial, advertising, and celebrity portraiture work. He has worked for all major fashion publications including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, In Style, Grazia and GQ. Jez has appeared on ‘Australia’s Next Top model,’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ as an industry expert judge and photographer, for 3 seasons each.


Nalini Sorensen
(Children’s Book Author)

Nalini Sorensen

A mother of two boys aged ten years and eight years, Nalini is a published Children’s Author. She writes stories, primarily in rhyme, for picture books, for children in the zero to six-year age group as this is a time where opinions and personalities can be shaped. Nalini loves looking at the world through the wonder of the eyes of children and can normally be found with a smile on her face, looking at the glass half full. No actually, three-quarters full.

Vietta Korren Steele
(Fine Artist)

WITNESS Oct 10-Nov 21 2015 Paintings by Vietta Korren-Steele

Born in Sea-Lake Victoria in 1968, Vietta lives and works in Melbourne and Arthur’s Seat. She was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University in 1991 and a Graduate Diploma of Education in 1994, with first class honours. Vietta has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions since then, in both commercial and independent galleries. Currently, Vietta exhibits regularly with Sagra Gallery in Malvern and is thrilled to be involved in ‘Chinese Whispers’.


Adrian Sandiford
(Editor-at-Large, Time Out Beijing)

Adrian Sandiford

Adrian is a PTC and MDJA award-winning magazine journalist based in Beijing and is currently the Editor-at-Large of Time Out Beijing, the city’s indispensable listings and entertainment guide. He has spent the last eight years searching out the best that Beijing has to offer – during which time his work has been featured in the Financial Times, Condé Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure, and the Wallpaper* City Guide: Beijing and Guangzhou.

Jonathan Mak

Jonathan Mak

Jonathan is a graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong. He enjoys photography, making animations, drawing, writing, finger-snapping, and is good at one of those things. Minimalism is his first love, but he has since also developed a taste for more light-hearted illustrations and experimental chaos.


Richard Hsu
(Founder of TEDxShanghai, Creative Troublemaker)

©Stefen Chow

Richard has lived and worked in 5 continents, in 5 sets of 11 years. His work has ranged from museums to publications, retail to brand development, education and learning platforms, and city consultancy to urban-rural relationship building around the world. Richard is the Founder & Organiser of TEDxShanghai, Lecturer in Tongji University Shanghai, and client consulting in various areas.

Lok Ng
(Typographer & Calligrapher)

Lok Ng

The designs created by Lok mostly consists of a mixture of traditional Chinese Art and Japanese Art with some influences from Western design trends. He specialises in visual identity, poster, typography and installation design, and founded awt design inc in October 2008. Lok’s work has been featured in publications such as the Chinese Designers Yearbook 2010, COSMOPOLITAN, CreativeBloq, Design360 magazine, Viction:ary and


(Marketing Manager, IDEAT)

Sisyphusam is a typical Aquarius. After graduating from business school, she determinedly devoted herself to what she is most passionate about. She has been working in public relations and media industry for years, while also acting as a freelancer for leading publications featuring travel, design, movie and art features, which are the areas that most interest her. Sisyphusam prefers the olden times and often gets bored of modern trends.

Mark Beard
(Art Director, Herman Miller)

Mark Beard_

Traveler. Thinker. Maker. An old school design problems-solver with extensive experience in the inception and execution of brand solutions; Mark has worked in the communications business across cultural and linguistic divides, establishing successful and strategic brand campaigns in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the US. A one time graphic designer turned global brand art director and expert pun writer, Mark is always looking to solve the world’s problems one logo at a time.


Ryan J. King
(Professor & Head of Marketing at the Squirrelz)

Ryan J. King

Ryan is currently working at the Squirrelz, a VC-backed start-up in Shanghai, focused on using the internet to connect manufacturers of overstock materials with sustainable fashion designer in North America. Ryan is also professor of International Relations at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Fudan University. As an avid blogger, Ryan has most recently been blogging about WeChat and its applications as a business tool inside and outside China.

(Fine Artist)


Born in Xintian in Hunan, Kefu is a professional painter who presently resides in Beijing. Since graduating from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Kefu has participated in over 30 solo and group exhibitions across China. Some of these include the ‘5th international Ink Painting Biennial’ of Shenzhen, the ‘Young Artists Exhibition’ in Chongqing, ‘The beauty of empty’ – Kefu’s solo exhibition, and the ‘Nanjing International Art Exhibition’.


Jon Walmsley
(Rock Musician & Product Designer)

Jon Walmsley

Jon “Jonah” Walmsley, is an English musician and founding member of the newly formed stoner-rock band Life Line, in which he sings, plays guitar and serves as the band’s primary songwriter. Jonah is also working on a solo acoustic project that he aims to showcase late 2016. Whilst not musically performing, he is design director in the Shanghai office of WILDDESIGN, a German product design consultancy.

Jayson Atienza
(Contemporary Artist)

Jayson Atienza

Previously the Creative Director of NIKE at Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, Jayson has since moved onto pursue his artistic pursuits full-time. He recently released a customized sneaker through BucketFeet that is being sold worldwide through 500 retailers in 25 countries including Nordstrom. Jayson has exhibited work in both solo and acclaimed group shows, and was also commissioned by Chevrolet to create a mural for their commercial.


Thomas O’Malley
(Comic Book Superhero & Copywriter)

Thomas O'Malley

Tom loves train travel, food, wine and words (in that order, and especially combined together). A lifestyle writer and editor, Tom lives in Beijing where he writes guidebooks, hotel things, food things and travel stories, plus the occasional rant at He also writes science fiction under a silly pen name, and DJs outdated music under an even sillier name.

Zhang Kechun

Zhang Kechun

Zhang Kechun was born in Bazhong, Sichuan Province, China in 1980. He began painting as a child and started his career as a Designer but in 2008, decided to seek out his true calling and has been a freelance photographer since then. Based in Chengdu, his work has been recognised in numerous exhibitions and awards including the Sony World Photography Awards, The 6rd L’Iris d’Or Exhibition and National Geographic Picks Global.


Rob Han
(Social Entrepreneur)

Rob Han

Focused on sustainability, education, and technology, Rob is driven to create impact in these industries by intersecting business, design, and technology together. Originally from Australia with a background in mass-consumer marketing, he worked as a Brand Creative Director in luxury fashion before moving on to start his social entrepreneurship journey. Rob is the founder of Refuture and co-founder of Chirpary.

Tim Cheng

Tim Cheng_

Tim likes all things creative. He is a designer, art director, typographer, animator, illustrator, sculptor, explorer, scavenger, silencer, snorer and a happy drunk. Tim is from LA & Taiwan, and with this cultural diversity, he sees himself as a Mexican. Why so? No one knows. Only Tim knows. Only one penguin knows.


Jimmy Chen
(Blogger & Creative)

Jimmy Chen

Jimmy is a creative who has worked in advertising/creative agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, AKQA Shanghai and BBH Shanghai over the past 8 years. Throughout this time, he learnt and gotten interested in one thing and one thing only: write until you surprise yourself.

Ryan Nimmo
(Fine Artist)

Ryan Nimmo

Ryan was born in Indianapolis in the summer of 1985. He spent most of his youth splitting his time between the outer suburbs of Philadelphia with his mother and the wooded back country of southern Michigan with his father. He studied Political Science and History at the University of West Virginia, while pursuing his interest in painting and drawing in his free time. After graduating, he decided to pursue a career in art and continued to do so when he moved to China in 2011. He loves pizza.


Steven J. Finch
(Writer, Poet & Artist)

Steven J Finch

SJ Finch is a writer, artist, and freelance producer. He has been published in Cottonmouth, Westerly, Sitelines, Voiceworks, and The Kid on the Karaoke Stage (Fremantle Press). Finch was a co-founder of both the creative journal dotdotdash and Aunty Mabel’s zine distro. He co-directed the interactive Fringe World 2015 performance Friendquest, curated Anthologia, an exhibition of floriographic poetry, and launched The Grr Project, an ongoing nomadic residency where he lives in a self-made traveling yurt called grr.



Born in Chongqing and currently living in Chengdu, MUGE’s work has been widely exhibited in China and overseas. He won the 2013 annual “PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch” in the US and was one of Japan IMA magazine’s “16 notable photographers from the 70-80s” in 2013. Muge’s work has a dream-like quality yet touches on a deeper topic of urban change and displacement. Muge looks for hope beneath the surface of upheaval and allows the audience to feel the changing of time: past, present and future.


Calvin Tsao

Calvin Tsao_

Calvin Tsao is the Principal of Tsao&McKown; a recognised and leading voice in contemporary architecture whose work draws from a lively engagement with a variety of art forms Through a synthesis of science and philosophy, design and culture, technology and ecology, business and non-profit sectors, he forges a multidisciplinary approach to architecture and development that works toward a harmonious, purposeful, and sustainable society.

Martin Ding
(Ink Artist)

Martin Ding_

Perhaps it was the art of the ancients or his own introverted nature, but Martin Ding was inextricably drawn into a world of traditional Chinese ink landscapes, which demands the discipline of repetition and detail. Passionate about painting since childhood, Martin made the decision to put his own flair into his painting and depict the world in which he currently lives – the modern behemoth of the city with its skyscrapers and sprawl.


Kelly Wang
(Editor, Publisher, Art Collector)


Kelly Wang is chief editor and publisher of several magazines, internationally renowned producer of cross-media projects, museum supporter and an art collector. In 2015, Kelly Wang sponsored international art projects and organisations such as Venice Biennale. She established LIAN Contemporary Art Space in Shanghai and is committed to promoting a healthy development of contemporary art and cultural communications.

Sam Chong

(Graphics Designer & Illustrator)


Sam Chong received his Bachelor of Arts from the School of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where he trained in visual communication and design thinking. Sam was nominated as one of the finalists in Young Lions China in 2015. After work, you’ll find Sam freestyling in a dance studio, listening to a wide range of interesting music, or illustrating for his Instagram feed.


Coreene Horenko
(Outreach Manager, Lifeline Shanghai)

Coreene Horenko_

Coreene has been telling stories all her life. Through the medium of dance, she has shown the range of human emotions on the stage and now, through harnessing people’s stories, she builds awareness of the importance of mental health. Coreene believes that to build a more connected community it’s the stories we share and the meaningful conversations we have with one another, that helps people feel more connected.

Miss Bean


Miss Bean is a photographer, art director and visual artist currently based in Hong Kong. She is dedicated to creating art through photography art, and also focuses on commercial projects. She is active in the international photographic media and her works have been widely published throughout countries such as France, South Korea and Taiwan. She keeps her work《 豆蔻 》< Cardamom > updated as a bi-weekly photo column in “Boysize” of TAO Magazine. Her first experimental ArtBook << Planet K>> was self-published in 2014.


Amelie Wang
(Barista & Branding, See Saw Coffee)


Amelie Wang was born in Hangzhou and after graduation, she became a Taobao shopkeeper until realizing that this wasn’t what she wanted. She came across Seesaw’s inspirational story about a group of people from all walks of life who gave up their jobs to do something they truly love: coffee. She applied for a position there and is now in charge of the design and branding, as well as being one of their baristas. Her passion for coffee never fades and with the happiness she gets from it, she believes she has found her dream in life.



Yijun Cai, otherwise known as Baojizun, is a freelance illustrator, designer and Getty-signed artist who owns her own studio in Hangzhou. She has worked with numerous publishing houses and commercial projects over the years and in 2014, her Illustrated book “shoot you an inch photo” was a Xinyi Original Book Award Finalist. She was selected to be in the entrepreneurial talent pool in 2015 by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, and also created an original illustrated brand – kidian.


Matthieu Le Coq
(BREIZH Citizen)

When not running a DIY product factory, Matthieu roams the world capturing moments of life through the lens of his camera. Having lived in Asia since early childhood, he developed a passion for its culture and people. Matthieu feels truly himself when he is out in the nature, exploring hidden natural havens or diving in the depths of the oceans. When we asked him to join and write a part of the story, we were able to engage his adventurous personality and he accepted the creative challenge with pleasure.

Olivier Wyart
(Filmmaker and Art Director)

Olivier Wyart

Olivier was raised in a family of scientists with a high appreciation of all art forms. Every Sunday morning, his parents would bring them to visit the museums of Paris, after which they’d all end up at the same Chinese place, literally called: Happiness. This is where he had his first drawing lessons, doodling great battlefields with his father all over the restaurant paper napkins. Today, his work spans across disciplinary boundaries and media on a variety of projects.


Matthew Baren
(Film Maker)

Matthew Baren is a filmmaker and film festival programmer. In 2014, he became the coordinator of ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival, the city’s first queer cinema season. He co-founded and programs CINEMQ, a monthly underground queer film + party event. His work as a filmmaker focuses on interconnection and death, and he shot the feature film Exquisite Corpse in 2012. He thinks people underestimate the importance of storytelling, the way narratives have power and how cinema was never just entertainment.

Enno Hyttrek
(Graphics Designer)

Enno Hyttrek 1

Hailing from Berlin, Enno is a designer with 25 years of professional experience. Trained in the German tradition of modernist universal design, he is an expert in cross-disciplinary concept design and creative consulting. He is founding partner of Quilt And Blanket, a Shanghai based boutique consultancy for design, brand development and intercultural communication. Enno is also active in the field of design education and is an associate professor for industrial design at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou.


Shiraz Randeira
(Consulting Editorial Director & Creative Director)


Born in London, Shiraz occasionally writes, sometimes take photos, but most of the time he works as a consulting creative and editorial director for clients – generally print magazines. These include Wallpaper*, 周末画报 (Modern Weekly), Elle HK, Intersection and Dazed. He’s also the creative director of Kingdom of Heaven, a start-up label that doesn’t believe ‘fashion’ only means clothing.

Nini Sum, IdleBeats
(Screen Printer)

IdleBeats is an artist duo and the first independent screen print studio in China, founded in 2009 by Nini Sum (China) and Gregor Koerting (Germany). Known for their cross-culture and China-inspired artworks, their ability of wandering between a wide range of art mediums, as well as their exploration of new styles and the language of screen printing has attracted collectors worldwide and have gained attention from global media such as BBC and CNN.


Trudy Hellier

Trudy Hellier

Trudy is a widely-acclaimed playwright and has won several awards and nominations for her work such as the AFI, AACTA, RE Ross Trust Award and the St Kilda Film Festival. Also a trained actor, Trudy has appeared in well over forty productions including regular roles in Frontline, Around the Twist, love letters from a war (ABC TV) and Dr Blake Murder Mystery’s.

Radio Woon
(Graphics Designer)

Radio Woon

Lala Company is Radio’s personal project – he has created a series of signature characters with large eyes and thick lips. Simple but full of fun and puts a smile of your face. Radio is a Graphic Designer born in Malaysia and graduated from Dasein Academy of Art in Kuala Lumpur. He’s had over 10 years of professional experience; Radio worked in W+K Shanghai contributing to Nike and Converse projects and later on in 2013, he co-founded Visitors Graphic Studio in Shanghai.


Gergana Le Coq
(Creative Director, Paper Stone Scissors)

Gergana Le Coq

Gergana is the Creative Director of Paper Stone Scissors, Shanghai and one of the organisers of Now&Them. She is a second generation designer and has been surrounded by typography and design since an early age, giving her a true passion for all things creative. When not in the office working on a new campaign or idea, you can find her scuba diving on a small island somewhere in South East Asia or exploring a rural village in China in the search of everyday life inspirations.

Super Nature
(Interactive Designer)


A multi-discipline design studio specialising in interactive design, visual communication & media technology. Super Nature takes on challenges through experimentations in new media and physical computing. Seeking innovative solutions is their ultimate goal and they constantly commit to research & development. In Super Nature, the definition of good design is ‘creating moments of engagement’.