Chapter 8 – Seascapes

“I didn’t go to the seaside to shoot this piece or even use my camera. This was a virtual work made with 3D software. Photography based on machines and chemistry has always been regarded as a modern scientific tool to record a true world and present it objectively. When the photographers create art with a tactile substance, their perception is related to mastering and applying its physical property. However, with digital technology the creation type and form has totally been changed. Digitized art has become an intellectual product, rather than a tactile perception and practice of hand skills. nike tn requin The more you are familiar with and master mathematical modelling and 3D sculptures, the more you can create a new method that transcends your body’s perception. I tried to describe a vision beyond our existence with this virtual method. However, of course, it still follows the laws of light and shadow in its nature.” – Zhang Kechun 张克纯 , Photographer SEA4 Chapter VIII Thomas O’Malley, Comic Book Superhero & Copywriter This rock, unmoving in the moonlight. Teddy Bridgewater College Jerseys Is it the blank page between chapters? The semi-colon between clauses? The pause of stillness between breaths? No. Nike Air Max 1 Pas Cher It was once the boiling blood of the Earth. nike air max Someday it will be sand. Nike Air Huarache Dames Nothing is forever. Only in a memory does a little girl live eternal. Only in a memory can Anna’s broken face crease into honeyed laughter. Beyond the rock stands a little girl. But not the same girl. “Oh, Anna. Fjallraven Kanken Infantil Anna!” It can’t be you. A trick of the twilight, the forest, the music. What of the man on the mule, the vanishing girl? What purpose of theirs to guide me here? Were they even real? Have I slumbered while these visions appeared? With a rustle of leaves, a frail old men steps into the moonlight. Anna – is it Anna? – turns to him. “Father.” — Thomas O’Malley (Comic Book Superhero & Copywriter) Tom loves train travel, food, wine and words (in that order, and especially combined together). Maglia Tracy McGrady He is lifestyle writer and editor, writes science fiction under a silly pen name, and DJs outdated music under an even sillier name. Zhang Kechun张克纯 (Photographer) Zhang Kechun began painting as a child and started his career as a designer but later decided to seek out his true calling as a freelance photographer. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood His work has been recognized in the Sony World Photography Awards and National Geographic.