Chapter 6 – Illusion

“As a 20-person’s collaborative story, the characters and the perspective constantly switches and has flashbacks, presenting an unimaginable story and logical structure. “It is at that moment that I realise the girl has disappeared” – This sentence stood out from this chapter and hit my heart. The picture in my mind naturally emerged; nothingness in background with a faint outline of a person. I tried to firmly grasp the feeling of that exact moment!” – Kefu 胡可夫, Fine Artist


Chapter VI

Ryan J. King, Professor & Head of Marketing, Squirrelz

This bizarre scene continues to develop around me. It would be easy to get up and walk away, but I don’t want to miss a thing. I open my eyes as wide as I can, taking in as much as possible, trying to get some clarity. As I look around, surveying this incidence of complexity, I notice the striking similarities between the little girl and the rider of the mule. Looking at their dress and personal appearance, they seem to be worlds apart, but the resemblance is uncanny. This couldn’t possibly be the father that the girl was seeking, could it? After all, she hadn’t run to the man and embraced him as a loving daughter would greet a father, or sought his protection from the world that had scared her so. But at least she has stopped crying. The wailing that filled the air has been replaced by a silence that cuts right through me. The family notices it too. The boys are silent, and the father is standing still. A look from the father in my direction confirmed communicating the revelations that we have received. His sons observe this game of telepathic tennis, wondering what could have caused two complete strangers to have a moment of such clarity. It is at that moment that I realize the girl has disappeared.

Ryan J. King (Professor & Head of Marketing, Squirrelz)

Ryan is currently working at the Squirrelz, a VC-backed start-up in Shanghai which connects manufacturers of overstocked materials to sustainable fashion designers. He’s also a professor of International Relations in Fudan University.

Kefu胡可夫 (Fine Artist)

Born in Xintian in Hunan, Kefu is a professional painter who currently resides in Beijing. He has participated in over 30 solo and group exhibitions across China including the ‘5th international Ink Painting Biennial’ of Shenzhen.

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