Chapter 5 – Tears Cut Deep

“One of the strongest ‘human connections’ of any piece of design is through emotion. In this case, the sadness of a little girl becomes that emotional muse. The layered paper medium draws a contrast from the emotion of the story, representing her tears in a naive child-like manner.” –Mark Beard, Design Manager, Herman Miller


Chapter V

Sisyphusam, Marketing Manager, IDEAT

“I know you are in trouble right now. Trust those people around you, and you will find your father,” says the strange voice on the phone. After a moment of silence, the little girl bursts into tears. They roll down her cheeks and her cries fill the early summer air with tension. “Where’s my father!?” she screams at the phone, but there is nobody on the other side. “He must have been kidnapped, or killed!” she yells. Her shouting is making me feel uncomfortable, and I regret that I was the first person to be approached by this little girl. Just as I begin to think that the whole situation feels like a bad joke, the family of three arrive. The father also seems exasperated. He cannot hide his discontent with his two sons, and sharply tells them to stop asking questions about the girl. The drumming from the hill shifts my attention away from the family. My gaze falls on the rider who slowly approaches, circling all five of us before stopping next to the little girl.

Sisyphusam (Marketing Manager, IDEAT)

Sisyphusam has worked in the public relations and media industries, while also acting as a freelancer for leading publications featuring travel and design. She prefers the olden times and often gets bored of modern trends.

Mark Beard (Design Manager, Herman Miller)

Traveler. Thinker. Maker. An old school design problems-solver, Mark has worked in the communications business in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the US. He is always looking to solve the world’s problems one logo at a time.

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