Chapter 4- Solitary Shadow

“This is an expression of the helpless and lonely mood portrayed in the chapter. Nike Air Max 90 Bloemeny Heren&Dame It creates a unique interpretation of this part of the story, expressed through each and every brush stroke.” – Lok Ng, Typographer & Calligrapher 未命名-12 Chapter IV Richard Hsu, Lecturer & Speaker, Founder of TEDx Shanghai One father comforting the children, one father missing. The sun shines, but the wind is chilled with worries and questions. There is a void. Nike Air Max 90 II CamouflagDame Beating of the drum and clicking steps of the mule; no one else is in sight. In a resort in Wuyishan bamboo village, with low walls beside rice fields. The young girl’s cell phone rings. Nike Air Presto Schoenen Dame Goedkoop — Richard Hsu (Lecturer & Speaker, Founder of TEDx Shanghai) Richard has lived and worked in 5 continents, in 5 sets of 11 years. Nike Air Max 90 Bloemen Dame He is the Founder & Organiser of TEDx Shanghai and a Lecturer in Tongji University. Nike Air Presto Schoenen Goedkoop His work spans between publications, retail, brand development, education and city consultancy. Lok Ng (Typographer & Calligrapher) Lok’s designs mostly consist of a mixture of traditional Chinese and Japanese Art with some influences from Western design trends. Nike Air Max 95 Prem Tape Dame He founded Awt Design Inc and has been featured in publications such as CreativeBloq, Viction:ary and Forbes.