Chapter 20 – A Warm Sunday Afternoon

It was on a warm Sunday afternoon when a woman of unknown origins died on a sandy beach surrounded by local children. Nobody knew who she was or where she came from. She did not carry any form of identification and nobody came forward to identify her. At the time of the event, she was referred to as Jane, and for the sake of this story, we will also refer to her as such.

“When life ends and new births occur at the same time, life reaches a full circle. At the end of each life is the beginning of newborn, a life that is nourished inside of us with memories and values – to be bathed under the magic of sunlight. Perhaps the feeling of a warm Sunday afternoon will bring us back to where it all began…” – Super Nature


Chapter XX

Gergana Le Coq, Creative Director Paper Stone Scissors

On the day she died, Jane was wearing a wrap dress in a bright shade of yellow and around her neck hung a golden necklace. It carried an oval shaped pendant that opened in the middle to reveal two old photographs on either side: one of a man who appeared to be in his mid 40s and another of a young girl. A few of the witnesses claimed that she reached up and took hold of that necklace as her eyes closed for the very last time – she had a smile on her lips.

On the same day Jane died, there were 360,721 births recorded. One of them happened to be not far from where Jane took her last breath. A baby girl was born with a big smile on her face. Her parents bathed her in a room drenched with sunlight. Water droplets captured the magic of the sun.

A feeling of belonging commenced once more.

Gergana Le Coq
(Creative Director Paper Stone Scissors)

Gergana is the Creative Director of Paper Stone Scissors Shanghai and one of the Now&Them organizers. She is a 2nd generation designer and has been surrounded by typography and design since an early age, giving her a true passion for all things creative.

Super Nature
(Interactive Designer)

As a multi-discipline design studio, Super Nature takes on challenges through experimentations in new media and physical computing. In Super Nature, the definition of good design is ‘creating moments of engagement’.

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