Chapter 19 – Pieces

“After I read the writing of Trudy Hellier, the first thing came to mind is “pieces”. Nike Air Max 95-360 Heren Every sentence in the story feels like a brick that I can smash into pieces, disorganize, and then recreate. This is how it is interpreted in my drawing. Nike Air Huarache Heren This is a disorganized version of the original story – or perhaps a brand a new story.” – Radio _MG_4726 Chapter XIX Trudy Hellier, Playwright A shot runs through my body as I hit the icy water. Nike Free TR Fit Goedkoop For a moment, distracted from their play, they turn to watch. My arms pound the water, legs kicking with rhythmic determination; it feels good to breathe, to finally release the aching sadness. When I finally stop, short of breath, heart pounding, I look back and can no longer see them playing on the beach. Surrounded by blue, I float gently on the water; the sky above me is vast and glorious. A sea bird hovers over the water, spirals down and rises victorious, a shimmering prize flapping helplessly in its powerful beak. Nike Air Max 90 Honeycomb Heren She looks down at me, I relax into her arms and all is forgiven, nothing matters anymore. I let go. Spluttering violently, the water is expelled from my lungs as I gulp greedily at the sweet fresh air, the sand presses hard against the side of my face. No longer playing, they are gathered around me, innocent children gazing curiously, their parents knowing. — Trudy Hellier (Playwright) Trudy is a widely acclaimed playwright and has won several awards and nominations for her work such as the AFI and AACTA. Also a trained actor, Trudy has appeared in well over forty productions. Radio Woon (Graphic Designer) As a Co-Founder of Visitors Graphic Studio, Radio has accumulated over 10 years of experience. Air Max 2015 Zwart Oranje Goedkoop Lala Company is his personal project – a series of signature characters with large eyes and thick lips. Simple, yet always fun and puts smile on your face.