Chapter 17 – God Awful Small Affair

“Two women by the seaside. One a little girl, the other a girl too, but already grown—we do not exactly know which is the older one. Nike Air Max 2017 Dame Goedkoop Maybe they are twenty years apart. Maybe they are the same person. One generation, one childhood. One is running forward, one is looking back. Air Max Thea Goedkoop It’s a godawful small affair … The concept behind my work is to visualize Matthew Baren’s chapter of the story in a not too obvious way, leaving room for interpretation. For the girl in the foreground, I took some inspiration from a drawing by my elder daughter Alina (5), while the girl in the background is probably her, but that is just my personal way of seeing the picture. The title of the work reflects the significance of a moment as described in the chapter from different points of views: for one character it is drama, tragedy, life is looking back to memories. For the other, life is the beauty of the moment and moving forward. Nike Free 5.0 V4 Goedkoop It’s a godawful small affair — especially ‘for the girl with the mousy hair …’ “ – Enno Hyttrek , Graphic Designer _DSC1157-godAwfulSmallAffair_acrylic on canvas Chapter XVII Matthew Baren, Film Maker Nothing is forever. Our moment passes like twenty years, and her hand moves from mine to someone else’s. I had held her, been held, by eyes pumped full with my blood. Eyes ebbed with the same salt, which crashed beneath us, eating at the foundations of the terrace. I wanted to say her name, but instead said something like, “It’s beautiful,” and she had smiled, glancing down at her dress. I never saw her again. Nike Air Max 90 CamouflagDame Anna. Anna. A name which runs through itself, recurrent and endless. The wedding ends. Anna leaves, like our father before her, leaving me standing alone on that terrace. Twenty years and twenty years more, I stand there still, at the edge of an ocean, watching as children play with their father in the water. Nike Air Max 90 Honeycomb Dame — Matthew Baren (Film Maker) Matthew Baren is a filmmaker and film festival programmer. He coordinated ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival and co-founded CINEMQ. He believes that people underestimate the importance of storytelling and the way narratives have power. Nike Air Max Heren Goedkoop Enno Hyttrek (Graphic Designer) Enno is a designer with 25 years of experience, specializing in crossdisciplinary concept design and creative consulting. The founding partner of Quilt and Blanket, he is also an associate professor for industrial design at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University.