Chapter 16 – Decades

“Anna is represented through the mirror seen within the piece, sending the narrator as well as the observer viagra online uk price back to reflect on his or her own situation and current place in life.” – Olivier Wyart, Filmmaker & Art Director Poster_2 Chapter XVI Matthieu Le Coq, BRIEZH Citizen Her smile says it all. Feeling reassured, I smile back and started walking towards her. Anna has reached a moment of her life when she can accept all that has happened, I think. Nike Free TR Fit 3 Goedkoop However, I notice the absence of a spark in her eyes when she looks at me. Nike Roshe Run Goedkoop It tells me I haven’t been forgiven – and I never will be. This realization causes me to halt in the middle of the hallway, as memories erupt that I have tried to forget, buried deep inside and upon which I have built the foundations of my new life. Anna’s eyes are like a key, opening the door on these emotions I had spent years putting away, one by one, peacefully. She takes my hands. No longer the hands of a little girl but of a mature woman, “Thank you for coming today,” Anna says, taking my arm and leading me to the terrace. Anna starts to fill in the gaps of two decades of silence while both of us gaze at the sea. Slowly, the comfort of sharing her life again makes my pain fade, blown away with the sea breeze. But would we be able to mention father? — Matthieu Le Coq (BREIZH Citizen) When not running a DIY product factory, Matthieu roams the world capturing moments of life through the lens of his camera. Nike Flyknit Air Max Dame Having lived in Asia since early childhood, he developed a passion for its culture and people. Air Max 2015 Wit Goedkoop Olivier Wyart (Filmmaker & Art Director) Olivier was raised in a family of scientists with a high appreciation of all art forms. Nike Air Max 95 Prem Tape Heren He grew up doodling great battlefields with his father all over restaurant paper napkins. Today, he works in different disciplines on a variety of projects.