Chapter 15 – Dear Bear

“After reading this paragraph, a bear and a girl emerged in my mind. It might be because my own dad is like a gentle bear to me. Through this thought, a series of lonely, middle-aged and tender bears are created.” – Baojizun, Illustrator

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Chapter XV

Amelie Wang, Barista & Branding, See Saw Coffee

Twenty years pass. When I open my mailbox, I find a wedding invitation from Anna. It’s her first contact with me since the accident. After she woke up from her coma and found out about the decision I had made, she broke down. Filled with remorse, she blamed me for saving her instead of father. When the doctor found out about our situation, he suggested adopting Anna. I was unable to raise her by myself and he had always wanted a daughter of his own. Feeling useless, I departed. But I have continued to write letters to her, in the hope that she would one day forgive me. When I arrive at the wedding, at the edge of the crystal sea, I see Anna walking towards me. She wears the same smile she had as a child.

Amelie Wang (Barista & Branding, See Saw Coffee)

Amelie Wang works at See Saw as a barista and manages the design and branding of this boutique café. He passion for coffee never fades and with the happiness she gets from it, she believes she has found her dream in life.

Baojizun (Illustrator)

Baojizun is a freelance illustrator, designer and Getty-signed artist who owns her own studio in Hangzhou. Her Illustrated book “shoot you an inch photo” was a Xinyi Original Book Award Finalist. She has also created an original cutlery brand – kidian.

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